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Change to OnStepX FYSETC E4

Automatic translation (Original)

I decided it was time to make the switch to OnStepX. I had OnStep running on Wemos R32/CNC3. It worked quite well, but lacked the ability to expand. I wanted to add two heaters, a weather sensor and a temperature sensor. I was also curious to see how the new OnStepX would work.

The FYSETC S6 offers the greatest possibilities among 3d printer boards. But after reviewing the FYSETC E4 I found that for my needs it would be sufficient.

As a reminder, the modified kit is a Celestron C6n Newtonian, CG5 mount (EQ5), 2" steel tripod.

With the modification I want to redo a few little things: rigid RJ45 cables to 6p4c twisted pair phone cables, and maybe resuscitate the SHC after WiFi.

Some useful links:

Layout design:
OnStepX FYSETC E4 scheme

If you need the Fritzing part file with the FYSETC E4  FYSETC E4 1.0 wb.fzpz(it's not perfect but it's my first try) 
I will do the maintenance of heaters, LEDs, thermistor and weather before winter. RA, DEC and focuser are enough for now.  


In the At the nearest electronics shop I chose the Z80 case.
After cutting the holes and preparing the fasteners, it looks like this:

OnStepX FYSETC E4 case Z80

I/O ports and extensions:

    To start:
  • 3x rj12 6P4C (motors)
  • WiFi antenna
  • power plug 2.1/5.1
  • power switch
  • USB
    In the future:
  • heaters 2x
  • thermistor
  • led


The new OnStepX system, despite having the Beta designation, seems to work much more stable than its predecessor. Maybe it is thanks to the version dedicated specifically to FYSETC E4. Just upload and it works. The built-in web server and control from the applications: OnStep Controller2 and Stellarium Mobile via IP work great. Previously, sometimes the controller started to behave strangely and it was better to restart it, now it hasn’t happened yet. I will not describe the installation separately. The instructions at https://onstep.groups.io/g/main/wiki/32794 are very exhaustive. Basic changes in Config.h (not counting network settings):

#define AXIS1_STEPS_PER_DEGREE      19200
#define AXIS2_STEPS_PER_DEGREE      19200

Wiring and CG5 mount modifications

Nema17 motors unchanged: RA/DEC 17HS4401, focuser US-17HS4023.
RA/DEC gears: 60/16 = 3.75
Belts: 160mm
Engine boxes 3D printing based on Tingiverse:4170054 (there are several versions of boxes, I chose Ra-red-EQ5.stl and De-red-EQ5.stl files)
Power supply in the field 12V9Ah battery

To do :
  • Practical tests
  • Connect RTC DS3231 (I2C)
  • Connect BMP280 (I2C)
  • GPS NEO-M6 (RX/TX) 
  • Smart Hand Controller v. 1.03 (I already have one, I just need to switch it to WiFi)

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